WATERS WITHOUT BORDERS finds peaceful solutions to trans-boundary water conflicts - between regions, states and countries. We provide water modeling, resource analysis, hydrologic services, environmental legal services, mediation, allocation accords, educational programs (focusing on mock negotiations) and equitable solutions to the problems of water-allocation and use.

Water is the most precious resource on the planet. Unlike oil, there is no substitute for water. Effective water management leads to better urban planning and improved inter-regional, national and international relationships.

Graham Creek


We address issues such as:

  • unfair division
  • over-use
  • pollution
  • failure to recycle
  • failure to conserve


Through good science (especially proper water modeling), peaceful sharing of water resources can be achieved. We assist in comprehensive environmental assessments which value the diverse needs of cities, industry, agriculture, fisheries resources, and wildlife and habitat needs. Legal documents and design mechanisms for effective enforcement of agreements are prepared.

Educational forums and training in dispute resolutions for environmental trans-boundary allocation are also available. These include academic programs for water management and water negotiation education, as well as mock mediations.